Ghost Recon Phantoms is coming to an end …

After more than four years of battles, fights, deaths and a lot of fun, we have made the difficult decision to close Ghost Recon Phantoms.  It’s a tough day for our studio and indeed the team, some of whom have been working on this project since its inception some 7 years ago.

GR Phantoms has been a tremendous undertaking and we really relished the opportunity to bring to you a different take on the GR franchise.  We are proud of what we have achieved but of course, a game like this would be nothing without its community. We’d like to sincerely thank you for your support, enthusiasm, patience and above all, your loyalty. For the hours played, the fun in your company, the never ending deaths at Balaklava Sub-Pen, the fights to control Tomsk-9, the sounds of shotguns and the fear of the P90 SD WAR, we are grateful.

We would like to thank you for all this great moments and fun we shared with you. GRP has been a great adventure for us, with you.

The shutdown of the game will take place on December the 1st. The game will stay available until then, and we wish you a lot of fights until the end. The in game shop will remain available, but you won’t have any more the possibility to purchase Ghost Coins.

We encourage you to use this time to use any Ghost Coins you have – as well as settle any scores you may have with opposing teams!

In line with our terms of sale, we hereby inform you that there will be no refund of any virtual currency you have spent in the game or for any resources you still may own on shutdown date, nor any conversion of any remaining virtual currency to another game.

Once again, thank you for your support and loyalty and we hope you have enjoyed the ride as much as we have. This is the end for one chapter of the Ghost Recon story, but for sure it won’t be the last. Thanks to your reports, your feedbacks, we are building every day better games, greater stories you will live in our company.

If you have any questions, we encourage you to visit our FAQ.

So this is not a goodbye. We’ll see you soon, in another adventure!

Your GR Phantoms Team



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 In Update 2.2, the new “Moonlight” BETA map will be moving out of Project Topos, but this time as a fully-textured map!
Following the feedback from the community after Raven Watch launched as an ATHENA Battlefield Simulation map, we have decided to move away from the cold, blue art style of a digital holographic room. Instead, we are transporting our players back to the Middle East, to the Khawani Bazaar also known as the Bazaar of the Story-tellers, located in Peshawar, Pakistan.
Prepare your team’s attack plans for Khawani with the Tactical Map of the Bazaar below!
kawani overview

Raven Watch in 2.1 Update

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In Update 2.1, the “Raven Watch” BETA map will be moving out of Project Topos, and entering the Public Playlist as an ATHENA Battlefield Simulation map.

What is an ATHENA Battlefield Simulation map?

The ATHENA Corporation has launched a new military training system to simulate battlefields in a virtual-reality environment. Now operators will be able to safely hone their skills in simulated live-fire engagements.

The first available ATHENA Battlefield Simulation map will be Raven Watch. Releasing these maps as ABS maps – with a virtual reality texture and art style – allows us to restart our program to release new maps faster.

We wanted to use a standardized approach that conveyed the futuristic, and somewhat cold, feeling of a digital holographic room. It was also important that we preserved the clarity of the map, and not add too much visual noise that would impact gameplay negatively. From the holographic virtual reality floors, to the unreal sky, we tried to create an immersive experience for our players to give them the feeling that they’re training in a digital simulation.

We would like to give a shout-out to the ATHENA Council members, with whom we worked closely to define the visual style for these ABS Maps. We’ve made several tweaks and iterations – some large, some small – based on their feedback and suggestions to arrive at what we have today.

What other changes have been made apart from new textures?

We have also made significant level-design changes and bug fixes, based on the valuable feedback and bug reports we have received in the Project Topos forums. For example, we received a large amount of feedback from players about point C and the problems with spawn camping, which we have improved with more room for counter-play on point C and protecting players in the spawn zone.

Key changes:

  • Added a new pathway beside point B
  • Built a new room to protect the spawning attackers
  • Removed the truck outside of the attacker spawn zone and replaced it with a small piece of cover to prevent spawn camping
  • Added a new pathway to allow more approaches in attacking point A
  • Added more boxes and pillars around point C to provide players more covers when attacking or defending
  • Added a new back exit for defenders to go above point C and kill attackers sniping from above
  • Removed the two trucks to make it easier to attach point A

See for yourself!

V2 Raven Watch 1

V2 Raven Watch 2

V2 Raven Watch 3

Good luck and have fun in the new Raven Watch map!

Update 2.0

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Ongoing analysis of data and feedback has shown to us that newcomers to Ghost Recon Phantoms are overwhelmed by the amount of choices present in the game. Should they start the game by playing an Assault, Recon or Support? Should they spend their ATHENA Credits on a sweet new primary weapon, a Tactical Suit, or that device upgrade they’ve been eyeing on, and which class should they outfit first? Too often, a new player invests a certain amount of time and resources into something they later regret, resulting in diminished player enjoyment in the game.
As a result, in Update 2.0, we are going to radically modify GRP’s new user experience to make starting GRP easier for beginners. Our goal is to reduce the confusion and choice paralysis new users feel by progressively exposing them to our systems. We will guide new users through the new streamlined early experience and offer only directly relevant options and modes.
Increased Generosity

Firstly, we are massively increasing our generosity for new players and providing them the Infinite Pack rewards from level 1 to level 15, for all three classes, for FREE:

  • Up to Tier V primary and secondary weapons,
  • Tier II Tactical Suits,
  • Tier II devices,
  • Tier I squad supports;
  • And more

Veterans rejoice!  To make the game more accessible to everyone, as you have requested, we will be removing the armor maintenance feature in game. That’s right! NO MORE ARMOR REPAIR. Now all players can concentrate their AC earnings on purchasing new equipment. We will also give all players 600 inventory slots for free to store all of their new items.

Game Mode and Class Restrictions

Secondly, new users will be introduced to the whole game in phases. The first accessible game mode for a new user will be Team Deathmatch. We feel that TDM gives newer players a chance to familiarize themselves with the basic mechanics of the game, such as movement and weapon controls, device usage, first. The Team Capture game mode will be unlocked for a player when he reaches level 10, exposing them to the cover system and more complex tactical elements of the game.

Additionally, new users will start with the Recon class unlocked, with subsequent classes unlocked as they level up. Assault will be available from Level 6, and Support will be available once their Recon or Assault reaches level 11. In-game data has shown that the Recon class is the ideal starting class for new players as it has a lower learning curve than Assault and Support.

First Purchase

To remove confusion and choice paralysis around a player’s first purchase, we will be locking the store away from new users. In exchange, we will supplement the new users’ rewards from level 1 to 15 with both consumables and weapon attachments to provide a comprehensive gameplay experience.

Selling items and the scrapyard will be disabled for them. Ghost Coin purchases, as well as the ATHENA Armory Access membership will also be disabled for these new users.

Upgrading to Infinite Pack

Since releasing the Infinite Pack last December, we have been gathering and analyzing data regarding player experience. We found that Infinite Pack owners had a significantly better experience in-game. From Update 2.0, a new player’s first purchase option will be the Infinite Pack.

All new players will be able to get all three classes to level 15 before they must purchase the Infinite Pack to progress. Starter Players will be level capped at 15, and will not have access to the in-game store (including gifting), personal profile and leaderboards. They can still continue earning and accumulating experience points, AC, GC and even complete achievements. Once a Starter Player has upgraded to Infinite, the player will be granted full access to these features. Starter Players who accrued experience points after level 15 will automatically level up to their unlocked level.

These Starter Players will still be able to access all game modes and all class in the game and continue playing indefinitely. On top of that, they will still be able to add friends, play with them in Custom Matches or fireteam together, and even join a clan for Clan Matches.

Note: These restrictions only affect new accounts created after the Patch on July 8th 2015.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Ghost Recon Phantoms still free-to-play?

Yes! Starter Players are still able to access all game modes, maps and all classes in the game. There are no time restrictions on Starter Players. They can still add friends, play with them in Custom Matches or fireteam together, and even join a clan for some Clan Matches.

Q: What are the restrictions of a Starter Player if I have not purchased the Infinite Pack?

As part of our simplified user experience, Start Players will not have access to the store, purchasing Ghost Coins or ATHENA Armory Access (AAA), sending or receiving gifts (except for the Infinite Pack) and are unable to view select pages (e.g. Profile, leaderboards). Starter Players will also be restricted to level 15, but are able to accumulate all XP gained to level up instantly later.

Q: What if I had previously tried Ghost Recon Phantoms before Update 2.0 and my characters are below level 15? Will I get the Starter Player benefits? Will I have the same restrictions?

As a returning player, who created an account before July 8th 2015, you will be able to receive all of the generosity benefits that Starter Players will, without the restrictions.

Q: What if I am an existing user, but I do not own the Infinite Pack? Will I be faced with the same restrictions as a Starter Player?

No, as long as you have created your account before July 8th 2015, the restrictions will not apply. You can continue to play as you always have.

Q: As a Starter Player, will I be able to receive gifts? Will I be able to gift a friend who is a Starter Player?

As a Starter Player, you will not be able to send or receive in-game gifts and other players will not be able to send a gift to a Starter Player, except for the Infinite Pack DLC through Steam, and eventually, through the in-game client.

Q: As a Starter Player, will I be able to redeem coupons that I have received?

Yes, you can still access the “Redeem Coupon” button from the in-game store and redeem your coupon code accordingly.

Smart Attachments

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In Patch 1.3.7, we are introducing SMART (Statistic Measuring Augmented Real-time Tracking)  attachments. Players will be able to obtain SMART Laser Designators, available in all Mystery Boxes, in order to track various statistics and show them off.

Each SMART Laser Designator will act as a regular laser designator and start tracking a specific stat achieved with the weapon it’s attached to upon attaching it. To start, we will have 5 types of SMART Laser Designators available:

  • Total Kills: Number of kills the player has achieved
  • Total Headshots: Number of headshots the player has landed
  • Total Damage Done: Total amount of damage dealt to enemies
  • Total Critical Kills: Number of kills achieved by inflicting a critical hit
  • Total Kill Assists: Number of kill assists the player has achieved

SMART attachments act like other weapon attachments and are bound once equipped. The SMART attachment will continue to track stats even if it’s replaced with another attachment. Thus, you can attach all five SMART Laser Designators to your favourite weapon and be able to track all five statistics even if you’re only actively using the Total Kills  SMART Laser Designator. These statistics are tracked across all game modes.

You can track your SMART statistics in game via the Weapon Customization screen. Stats that are currently tracked on that weapon will be highlighted in green, while the current SMART attachment equipped will have a green tick/check symbol beside it.

SMART wep cus

Now you can even show off your stats to your enemies. SMART attachments allow you to track your investment in each weapon and show off your weapon proficiency to your enemies by displaying the stat of your currently equipped SMART attachment on your opponent’s death screen.

SMART Killscreen kills

SMART Killscreen dmgd

Share with us your feedback. What other statistics would you like to be able to track and/or flaunt?

Team Deathmatch

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What is TDM?
Team Deathmatch (TDM) is a new game mode that mixes GRP tactical, team play with the familiar fast-paced chaos of TDM mode from other classic shooters. Two teams go head-to-head to score the highest number of kills instead of capturing points. Team Deathmatch not only offers veterans an interesting change of pace but also offers beginners a great place to learn the GRP basics.

Where is TDM?
Team Deathmatch is available in a new public playlist, which is separate from the other capture modes. Team Deathmatch versions of specific maps are also available in Custom or Clan matches.
How do you Play TDM?
The first of the two teams to reach 70 kills or score the highest within the time limit wins the round. The winner of the match is determined by the combined score of the both rounds. Without capture points, the scoring system in TDM is designed to reward team play as well as device use, but above all else: Killing. Your score and position at the end of public Team Deathmatches will impact your ATHENA Rank just like other game modes.
Score Description TDM
KILL Killed an enemy 200
KILL ASSIST Damaged enemies before they are killed by teammates

Variable time window depends on damage dealt:

• Duration = Damage * 0.1

(E.g. 100 damage * 0.1 = 10 seconds)

• Duration is extended when you perform successive hits

SAVIOR KILL Killed an enemy who just shot your teammate (2s window) 100
AVENGER KILL Killed an enemy who just killed your teammate (2s window) 50
KILL STREAK STOPPED Killed an enemy who is on a kill streak of 5 or higher 50
PURPLE HEART A teammate killed the enemy who just killed the player (~2s window) 50
TEAMWORK BONUS • Killed an enemy who is a victim of a friendly Blitz, ADS, or Blackout

• Stay inside a friendly APS for 3 seconds

COVER BONUS Killed an enemy while you are in cover 10
DEVICE DISABLED Disable enemies’

• device by using BLACKOUT

• device by killing them (Activated or Charging)

• ADS by Blitzing them

• BLITZ by Blitzing them

BLITZ KNOCKDOWN Knocked down enemy with BLITZ (only triggered once per enemy, per activation) 40
BLITZ ASSIST Teammate killed enemy who is knocked down by your Blitz (Knockdown time +2.5s window) 75
ADS SUPPRESSION Hit an enemy with ADS (only triggered once per enemy, per activation) 20
ADS ASSIST Teammate killed an enemy affected by the player’s ADS 40
SCAN ASSIST Teammate killed an enemy within 5 seconds after being detected by your Scan 40
APS KILL Killed an enemy using APS 40
APS PROTECTION Teammate stayed in the player’s APS shield for an accumulative period of three seconds, triggered once for each teammate. Only applies to current instance of APS activation. 50
BLACKOUT STUN Hit an enemy with BLACKOUT 40
BLACKOUT ASSIST Teammate killed enemy while he is under the effects of the player’s BLACKOUT 75
Kill Zone
Team Deathmatch is available in select maps, but with a unique new playable area designated by the dome known as the kill zone. Bullets and players can pass through the dome, but you are allowed to remain outside of the dome for only 10 seconds before you are killed instantly (awarding your enemies a free kill). Maneuvering outside of the kill zone can provide advantages but at great risk.
Kill Zone
TDM is the first game mode with randomized spawn points which are weighted to spawn closer to teammates but still remains random.  Like other modes, spawning will grant you with a few seconds of invulnerability; however, if you damage an enemy, the invulnerability is removed instantly. All players are forced to spawn automatically to give both sides a fighting chance to reach 70 kills.

Project Topos is Back

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Since launch, we’ve been focusing on improving our current maps. Our goal was to deliver more atmospheric immersion with the relighting as well as to enrich tactical gameplay by improving the flow, reducing spawn camping and cleaning up pesky exploits. So far, we’ve updated The Rig, Rooftop, Attica, Subpen and Nukes, on top of the release of The Gallery. Finally, we will be releasing an updated version of Tomsk in Update 1.3.5.

What’s next? In Update 1.3.5, we will be adding five new BETA maps to the Custom Match and Clan Match playlists! As part of Project Topos, we’re putting these BETA maps in game for you to playtest with your friends and help us improve them with your feedback.

Here’s a sneak preview on the 5 new BETA maps arriving in Update 1.3.5:

“Airport” is a 5-point Conquest map set … you guessed it, in an airport. It’s an indoor map, with Point A starting at the entrance of the airport, through to the boarding area (point D) and even into an airplane (point E)!

Mansion is a 3-point Onslaught map. It has both indoor and outdoor combat areas, spanning from the entrance of the mansion, inside of the mansion and even to the outdoor helipad.

“Bazaar” is a 5-point Conquest map, similar to Peshawar.

Moonlight is a 3-point Onslaught map. Set at night, you battle through an abandoned small town.

“Raven Watch”
Lastly, Raven Watch is a 3-point Onslaught map. Set in a military facility, with both indoor and outdoor combat zones.

Note: As these prototype maps are still in early stages of development, there will be bugs and glitches. What we’re most interested in is feedback regarding gameplay and the maps’ general fun factor. You can share all your feedback with us in our official forums’ Project Topos section .

Here’s your chance to shape the development of Ghost Recon Phantoms. Vote in our poll to tell us which of these BETA maps you find the most fun!

PS: We have more screenshots to share. Follow our Facebook and/or Twitter for more sneak previews in the following weeks.